Sophie Cullen

I'm a long-time lover of words, books and storytelling. Writing is my jam, and I especially love covering: people, design, travel, art, music, fashion, film and food.

Single-use plastic, we need to talk about it

From supermarkets to food delivery services and even some of our favourite bars, single-use plastic in Hong Kong is an epidemic. In a bid to help you live a more plastic-free life, we’ve got some suggestions that will be easy to implement into your regular routine. You don’t have to change your habits in one foul swoop though, try adding something new to your life every few weeks, and you will soon be on your way to a more eco-friendly existence.

Review of Miss Sherlock: Strong women and mystery in Japan

I have a secret. After the happy hours have finished, the best cafes have shut off their lights and all the workout gear has gone to sleep at these independent fitness studios, I’m a complete TV addict. From documentaries to trashy shows like Married at First Sight Australia (know me before you judge me!), the screen has always been an engaging storytelling method for me. So when I got the opportunity to do a review of Miss Sherlock, I jumped at the chance.

Mauritius: the tiny African island you need to visit

Whether we are getting lost in the streets of Ho Chi Minh or hitting the best beaches in Bali, we love to explore the world, and relish the fact that Hong Kong makes it so easy to do so with it’s great geographic location. While Mauritius may seem like an unlikely tourist destination, it’s actually only a nine hour direct flight from Hong Kong — hello, public holidays 2019! — and we’ve got the inside gossip on the northern part of the gorgeous island nation.